This chair is designed for anyone who prioritizes comfort, as well as a sleek, modern aesthetic. This simple and effective design complements a wide variety of environments, whether it’s in your home or in the common area of an office building.
My initial ideation explored the negative space of a simple “G” form. My goal was to create chair arms composed of one spiraling piece of material. 
Prototype Testing
With my peers sitting on a piece of adjustable, clamped-on plywood board, I measured and achieved the perfect seating angle.
The construction is fairly simple. Most of the joineries are open mortise and tenons made on a table saw. The horizontal supports on the bottom are put together using the Domino joinery machine. This collection of joineries provides the durability I desired.
Final User Testing
I invited my peers to test out the final model and give me their honest critiques.
Detailing & Finishing
Hand sanding, polishing, and six coats of oil-based gel finish.
Detail Views

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